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Wow wow what is happening right now, new post here on this website. So, after we established that I am not dead let me explain myself. I have final exams in about 3 weeks, which will decide about my whole upcoming career that is why I had decided it is a perfect time to come back here. 

(This is the moment in which you should start reading to avoid personal drama and a portion of irrelevant information included above.)

For a week or so every website has been surrounded with the shots of the Seul Fashion Week. Why they are gaining such a popularity? What makes Seul that special to be at the mouth of everyone? 

The people in Korea are not afraid to be themselves. And I don't mean instagram-type-perfect-themselves but just true and unique units. They are heavily influenced by both tradition and the modernity, as the country is known to be one that developed immensely in just a several dozen years period. They make streetwear mean something and make it an independent branch of fashion, not only reserved for streets but reigning at catwalks all around the world. The spring collections are strongly influenced by sporty fashion creating a whole new culture. You do not talk any more about Chanel or Dolce&Gabana, but keep waiting for the new drop of Supreme, Alexander Wang or Adidas. You create customs, DIYs, combine high-fashion with niche fashion brands like Gosha Rybchinskiy. You wear tracksuits and orthalions for the biggest parties and go to the techno club on a Friday night. But you do never stop pushing yourself to the limits and you don't wait for the happiness or success or what you really want to achieve to find you. You fight, you are young, the world is yours. And your outfit represents this. 

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