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 Paradoxically, sometimes the hardest thing in the world full of everything is to find an inspiration. In the omnipresent opulence, it is inevitable to lose your true self sooner or later. This is why, nowadays, more than ever before you have to continually search for the answer to the question ,,Who Am I?'', ,,What I like?''. It cannot be denied that the photography is an independent fraction of the art and however it would not seem so - not so apparent and threadbare. Furthermore, it is gruelling to find a piece of good art in the modern world in which the main assumption is ,,the cheaper and the easier, the better''. Not a lot of people decides to search for a hidden agenda and disregard the power located in the depth of photography.

While looking at these photos I have never seen the same thing twice. Duplicating others is not on the top anymore (or maybe just Vogue keeping their standards high?), now is the time of diversity. The more original, the better. This is the reason you are not just inspired by what you see, but you are given the golden opportunity to inspire others. You just have to understand it and know how to use it. Do you want to be fashionable? The 21st century has a solution for this. Be yourself.

I assume that a myriad of you knows this website much longer than me. However, I would like to share some photos with you to let you fully understand my taste and aesthetics and I hope that since today I will have more occasions to express my true self, regardless of the difficulties. Good to be here again.

**I have no rights to any of the above photographies. Theses are given to (in order): Can Dagarslani | Can Dagarslani | Maria Svarbova | Kolby Knight | Sara Giannitelli | Loreen Hinz | Sara Gianitelli | Andrew Tarnawczyk | Ayako Sekine | Ignacio Trias Barrera

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